Open House

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DISCLAIMER: The Fernbank LINKS recruitment process begins a bit earlier than most extracurricular organizations. Because the earliest events of the new year begin in June, all applications and acceptances are done in March-May. LINKS is not only an expansive and year-round program, but it is a SERIOUS TIME COMMITMENT. If an applicant is not prepared to dedicate at least 6 hours every week to Fernbank LINKS, the team is likely not a good fit. 

The open house will be a perfect opportunity for interested applicants to explore what LINKS does in a year, tour the workspace the team meets in every Wednesday and Saturday, and meet their potential future team-mates. It is also a time to learn about the vast array of ways team members contribute and what skills they might utilize. We guarantee you will be surprised at the variety of talents that are applicable to robotics. A brief list includes programming, electrical, communications, marketing, leadership, safety, work ethic, motivation, dedication, time management, illustration, video production, finances, public relations, curiosity, willingness to learn, writing, lots and lots of dancing, branding, workspace professionalism, collaboration, public speaking. The list goes on forever.

“You would be hard pressed to find an individual skill that does NOT relate to FRC.”
– Rick, 4188 Columbus Space Program

Benefits of participating in a robotics team include scholarships, collaboration, presentation skills, pizza, how to operate on less than 5 hours of sleep for extended periods of time, real world experience that high school will never be able to offer, applied use of material learned in class, 

Event Details

Time: March 7, 5pm-6:30pm

Location: Johnson Research and Development, 275 Decatur St SE, Atlanta, GA, Suite C

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