Outreach Events

Reaching Over 50,000 Individuals Annually

Science Night Out

Science Night Out (SNO) is one of the team’s biggest outreach events. It allows the LINKS team members to teach 3rd-6th graders through hands-on science activities. Not only are we making a new generation aware of how cool science can be, but we also use SNO as a recruiting tool which is why many of our members participated in SNO when they were young.


FIRST LEGO LEAGUE (FLL)  training is an outreach event for FLL teams throughout the metro Atlanta area. This year the LINKS team has been able to hold many training sessions where they set up stations at elementary and middle schools so teams can go to each table and learn about the different sensors, game strategies, the judging criteria used, how to program the EV3 robot, etc. In conjunction with the workshops, the team has been able to host several scrimmages where DeKalb FLL teams can try out their robot on our field as well as have mock interviews and ask questions of the judges. This not only prepares the FLL teams but also prepares the LINKS team for the two FLL tournaments that we host.

We are also proud to announce that several of our students have been volunteering  with local robotics teams on their own.


Blaire Bosley has been a student mentor for a local FLL team as well as an assistant teacher for two after school robotics classes where she teaches K-8th graders how to program and build with LEGO Mindstorms.

To help build participation in local robotics competitions, LINKS hosts trainings each year for FIRST LEGO League robotics teams. The FLL DeKalb Qualifier is also hosted by LINKS and staffed by volunteers from the engineering and educational community.