2017 FIRST Steamworks


Rhonda is a gear cycle and climbing robot with an pneumatic actuating coin slot gear mechanism and a velcro drum climber.


Rhonda and the drive team were very successful throughout the qualification matches, seeding 8th at the beginning of alliance selections. 4468’s fantastic scouting team collected data from every qualification match and used it to create an objective pick list for the selection process. LINKS began playoff matches as captain of the 5th seed alliance, partnered with team 1683 and team 5532. The alliance made it to the tiebreaker in the quarterfinals.

The LINKS marketing team was extremely successful as well. Their outreach efforts, mentoring, and 2 new apps got us the Gracious Professionalism Award. The team is so thankful to the mentors, parents, and sponsors for helping earn this award. The FRC Score app has reached nearly 500 installs as of 3/6/17!

Also a huge congratulations to LINKS lead programmer Jonathan Daniel for becoming a Dean’s List Semifinalist!


At Columbus LINKS walked in with a brand new widened climber, a new gear floor pickup, and a rebuilt gear coin slot made of poly-carbonate. These both proved to be great improvements on the field. 4468 was the first pick by the 3rd seed 1414 iHOT. The alliance was beaten by the number 6 alliance after three matches.

Peachtree District Championship

The Peachtree State Championship was intense. LINKS had to rank above 19th by the end of the event to qualify for Houston. Rhonda was chosen by 1648 as a first pick on the 8th seed alliance. The alliance lost to the winning number 1 seed. At the end of competition, 4468 was ranked 19th in the PCH District.

FIRST Championship: Houston – Turing Division

Houston was by far the most exciting event of the year. After a few qualification matches, the floor pickup was smashed off Rhonda in a collision on the field. She was not finished though, and kept on running the whole week. LINKS was the second pick of the 5th seed alliance and made it to the semifinals.

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