Trainings and Scrimmages

Since 2011, we have been contracting with the DeKalb County School District (DCSD) to provide free FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Trainings for over 60 DeKalb County teams. Our goal is to give FLL teams from DCSD the support, education, and inspiration needed to be competitive FLL teams. As many of the schools we serve are Title 1, our support is vital to providing resources to STEM.

The first training that every team attends is the FLL Fundamentals Training. At the fundamentals trainings, teams are taught about strategization, robot design, FLL judging, programming and sensors. These trainings are geared towards students who have never competed in FLL, so they can get off to a hot start for their season.

Afterwards, the teams attend FLL Game-Specific Trainings. At the game-specific trainings, teams are given a more in-depth look at the challenge for that year's challenge. They are given a chance to go over the rules and develop strategies for that year's challenge. In addition, they are given a more detailed look at the robot design, project and core values judging sessions at the FLL Tournaments.

Finally, teams attend an FLL Scrimmage. At the scrimmage, teams are given a chance to practice with their robot on an FLL field and learn more about the rules from referees. In addition, they are given mock judging sessions with other teams, so they can improve together. However, these scrimmages are not only for teams. We also certify judges for FLL tournaments around the state of Georgia, so every FLL Team can recieve a quality judging session at their tournament.

Many of our teams advance to the Super Regional and State competitions and give us great feedback about the effectiveness and helpfulness of our trainings. Consequently, several of our teams have won prestigious awards at tournaments. Their success is what inspired us to create the LINKS Lego Robotics Summer Camp for students who may not be affiliated with a FLL Team. Click here for more information about our camp.


All of the presentations given at our trainings are available for coaches and teams to use as a public resource.

Hydro Dynamics Game Information

FLL Project Training

FLL Robot Design Considerations

EV3 Kit Introduction

FIRST Core Values