Team 97 Robotanists


C. Harriet


full-bot-2-0      Full Robot

C. Harriet is designed for 3 specific missions in the Bet The Farm game:

  • Corn Harvesting
  • Seed Planting
  • Irrigation

Our product achieves these objectives with 3 main mechanisms; a seed planter, an arm, and a bucket, each detailed below.





Corn Collecting Arm

We collect corn husks using an elevated single axis arm mounted on a belt pulley system. The claw is based on a hair clip


corn-basketCorn Basket

The corn basket is a filleted V shape with a release flap at the bottom for depositing corn into the team bin. The basket can hold and deposit 3 corn husks at once.







Seed Planter

The seed planter has 3 main parts; the hopper, the PVC shoot, and the guide box.



Game Strategy


The match strategy is to first collect seeds from the silo, plant them in the corn field, then continue to harvest corn for the rest of the match.