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Meet Our Robot, “Flynn”

Fernbank LINKS Riggers & Erectors works out of Solid SurfaceMALL DAY, a highlight for the 2014-2015 BEST Robotics Season Designs (SSD). SSD is owned and operated by one of our long term sponsors and parent of an original LINKSter.  LINKS R&E uses Autodesk Inventor to virtually design and test the robot before building it. We use a Computer Numeric Control machine (CNC) to cut out the parts we designed on AutoCAD, which allows for safe and precise fabrication of the robot.

Best 2014 Photos #11
 Our robot,  Flynn, has two rubber-treaded wheels that give the robot traction and a castor wheel on the rear of the robot that allows the robot to do tight turns. On the front of the robot are  claws mounted on an assembly. Each claw was mounted to fit the holes in the large wind turbine; this allows three blades to be mounted at once.
The Fernbank LINKS Marketing team is in charge of making the website, writing grants, press releases, and designing a theme for our company. The web building team designs and creates the company website. This section of the marketing division is dedicated to updating our materials on a regular basis. We keep in close contact with the robot building side so that we may add information about our robot to the website.

Robot Details: