The Fernbank LINKS Marketing team is in charge of constructing the website, writing grants, press releases, and designing a theme for our company. Public Relations is very important to our team. Our press releases are written by our team members to send out to the community as well as our respective schools.


Marketing ranges from small tasks such as making buttons and designing logos to large jobs such as presentations and exhibit construction.

The web building team designs and creates the company website. This section of the marketing dividion is dedicated to updating our materials on a regular basis. We keep in close contact with the robot building side so that we may add information about our robot to the website.


The spirit and sportsmanship team helps writes cheers, designs our mascot, and creates theme related items to represent us during competitions.

The exhibit and presentation team designs and constructs our booth, creates our Marketing Presentation and works with those who are making the presentation and speaking with judges in the exhibit area.